Boston, USA

James Ramsey


Date of Birth:
September 22, 1951

Want to Work in:
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Work Experience:
> 10 year


Upper Management & Consulting

Arabic, English, German

microwave/ troposcatter/ satellite telecommunications field engineer

I have worked around the world at telecommunication sites training and directing maintenance of the equipment. I am looking for a possible position in management and directing personnel in the operations and maintenance of the equipment. I would like to also teach personnel on the basics of site preperation including path and link profile anaylisis.

Work Experience
Senior Field Engineer
Martlboroough, Mass - Raytheon
from 2004.02 to 2011.07
Field engineer developing smaller more mobile over-the-horizon communications terminals
Senior Field Engineer
Abu Dhabi, UAE - Raytheon
from 1990.12 to 2004.02
Trained personnel and directed maintenance on microwave and troposcatter communications, multiplex, and HF equipment. Taught repair action to the component level utilizing test equipment and computer generated tests.
Additional Information
Completed Berlitz language course in 2000 studying Arabic. Amatuer Radio Operator- Extra Class License
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