Baghdad, Iraq

Micah Quinn


Date of Birth:
October 24, 1982

Want to Work in:
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Work Experience:
5-10 year



English, French

hsse advisor and management

My name is Micah Quinn and I have more than 6 years occupational risk management experience in remote areas working on various reconstruction and humanitarian projects.

I am bilingual in English and French. Having worked in Iraq, with prior experince of Gabon, Ivory Coast and the Balkans, I have extensive experience in various operational and multi-cultural environments in HSSE, land transportation, liaison with local authorities, incident management and emergency response.

I am ex-military (French Foreign Legion) and possess excellent French language skills, both written and oral. Having worked throughout remote areas, I am familiar with the administration and liaison involved with working in conjunction with national security forces, such as the National Police, local military and foreign units. I also have advanced first aid skills due to my background as a platoon medic and my current qualifications.
I live in Thailand and I am currently available. I would like to be considered for the HSE position advertised or any overseas HSSE positions you may have available.

I am available immediately and would be available to answer any questions that you have either by email or by phone.

I thank you for your time and consideration.



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